Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes 

If you’re planning to build your own shipping container and use it as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), let us first weigh the pros and cons of getting one before you decide to push through with this project. Keep on reading to learn more: 


Look cool 

Perhaps you have already seen pictures of amazing shipping container hotels and homes. Regardless of how you arrange and paint these massive boxes, you will eventually end up having a home with a cool and distinct aesthetic. 


If you aim to achieve a slightly bigger small home or when you want to grow your family or provide extra room for your guests, it would be a wise move to consider constructing a modular home that you can incorporate eventually.  

Weather-resistant, durable, and watertight 

Since shipping containers are intended to be travel for long distances, hauled on ships, take all types of materials, and, are quite indestructible. Meaning, this container should be able to endure earthquakes, water, fire, and all the things that you can simultaneously throw on it.  

Environmentally friendly home 

If you are one of the enthusiasts of the green movement, you probably want to build an eco-friendly home. If so, one way to do that is to reuse materials. Because of that, you might like to consider some options as well if you’re really concerned about the environment since transporting a massive metal box across the country is not the most eco-friendly means of constructing your home. However, it’s not as bad as other types of building construction. 

Cost-effective and budget-friendly 

Shipping containers are not extremely expensive to have. In fact, you can already have one with just a few thousand dollars. When you are already satisfied by making your small house simple, you can construct your container house for not much more than this 


Can be extremely hot or cold 

Due to solar heat gain, you will have to search for a method that can help keep the sun off your tiny home’s roof. Though this is not impossible today, it is one of the things that you need to think about and add to your future design plans for your house. This problem functions both ways since you will also have to know how to insulate your shipping container more effectively. If you lack the resources and help from the experts, then it would be best to look for another type of home you can get according to what you have.   


Normally, shipping containers aren’t extremely wide. In fact, it just ranges up until 8 ft. compared to a small home on trailers, it is not as narrow as that. However, that additional 0.5ft. or more can surely make a massive difference. If you wish to completely control your tiny home’s dimensions, then designing a shipping container might not be for you.  

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